We have been manufacturing tailor made record players for 17 years based upon our passion for record players and recordings. Along with the increasing interest on the record players and recordings in the world and Turkey, we’ve decided to bring more people together with the record player joy by transforming a business model with high quality record player production with “Audio Toolmaker” brand.

We are taking care of producing our products in quality that can compete with the famous record player manufacturers’ quality. We even try to reach a performance far beyond the best rivals by our self developed techniques, technologies and know-how and by adding high quality materials that we are using. We have tested this with the key experts and musicians and we keep on testing. We reached up a pretty high level by the comments and recommendations received.

A record player is not very different than an instrument for us. It is most vital that producing record players in a certain quality in order to obtain the most natural and quality sound for the music. Therefore we are trying to reach the perfection in quality by transferring the most sensitive physical data to CNC manufacturing tools by using most advanced design/production software in order to have our unique designs reflected in the perfection in manufacturing quality. We apply quality checks on the emerging products on high level test devices.

Focusing on the visual design works in order to ensure our record players to be aesthetic along with their high sound performance, we combine our unique and creative designs in our design studio with our perfection in technology; we aspire to carry user satisfaction to the highest levels.

Furthermore; keeping the price/performance relation at the best level we are planning to become one of the global player in the market and bring many people with record player joy.

We want to share our excitement with our products that will make you happy in our joyful journey.