Do You Remember?

Most pleasant symphonies of our childhood and youth, that record sound rising over the record player in our houses or from our neighbors… We had listened to the most wonderful songs from records during the golden years of music. Our elders had collected records. Even sometimes we had done so. It was a passion listening records on a record player.

How happy to see those days are back.

While CD sales are decreasing each year due to publishing digital content over internet and even listening to them by downloading into personal devices, record sales are increasing incrementally each year. Quality is the most important reason beyond. No digital recording replaces the analog recording. The way listening to quality and original music is record and record player. The importance of a well designed record player is increasing when it comes to fine music and recording. A good record player shouldn’t be affected by vibrations and its speed should be correct and constant. Another key point is that reaching the near-real sound by the selected and used materials without interfering in the actual tone of the music.

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